Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sneeb in minecraft

To make a long story short, BFF decided to host a server, and join me in minecraft. Now we're both playing. I guess it's a vacation from afterwork evening TV watching i.e. slightly less brain-dead leisure time ?

On my own with TV running in the background I made more then one crazy mountain top temple.

Also, been looking at the achievements. For example, if you feed animal MOBs the correct food they make "baby" cube critters. See baby cow? I think I like the cows the best.

Then after discovering a few villages plagued by mobs of zombies and other bad cube critters. I decided to read the village blue prints in the wiki and improvise my own custom village in a bad-critter free-zone, i.e. this mushy mushroom landscape. So far so good. The Iron Golems are bored. The villagers are running around and they have made some baby villagers. Overall pretty fun results.

Still playing for now, Feb. 4, 2015. Will post more later especially as we wrap up this game and get on with our lives or move on to the next game.

This is BFF's city. It not only looks really cool the buildings are full of villagers.

 This is inside one of the neighborhood he's been cloning. There is a swarm error. The sound all the villagers make as a crowd is really funny.

This is another shot of BFF's city during the day. I mapped it a while ago, it covers over 7 minecraft maps so far, June 2015.

Peace ☮ Sneeb Oxide

Well? so much for peace. August 13th, 2015. Been playing in survival mode for a while. I completed a million block rail road from my home base at /tp 0 100 0 to 1,000,000 97 0.

After that I made maps and tp hubs at rail stations built along the way every few thousand blocks or so.

Then? Still stuck in the box, still playing this game and not knowing why, started playing in the world I build in creative mode, while in survival. This battle photo from last night? I took because it was funny. Multiple skeletons and two creepers, made that pit I'm standing in. Killed them all in the rain no less. What one can't see in pic, is that two chickens, a sheep, and a cow were also slaughtered in the battle. I'm loathe to kill animals. Why? they try to run away, turn red and squeak so sadly. Also, the cube critters, are cute, why kill them if one doesn't have to. So I tend to mostly eat cookies, mushroom stew, apples, watermelon, bread (yes, that's bread in my hand) and sometimes pumpkin pie or cake. Damn, MUDD!!! reading this I confess, I'm addicted to my 2rd virtual world video game. ( not counting other non-Multi User Digital Dimension games ).

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