Wednesday, January 14, 2015

virtual MUD and the evolution of Sneeb

SneebOxide in untucked undershirt, in village.
back of edit 1, SneebOxide char
The brief history of Sneeb since the late 80s ( Sneeb = original Nintendo Game Cube user name, Sneeb 1 Nintendo DS, Sneeb 2 Wii and Sneeb 3 Playstation user name, Sneebdubple old Apple game center ID and now SneebOxide via the latest incarnation. Too bad I don't have screen shots of the funny Wii character.

... years ago, ( 2005 I think? ) after a metaverse conference my BFF asked me to check out Second Life, saying that he didn't have time, (very true and very common for those in the tech industry to not have time for screen time after all day staring at miles of code in damn computer boxes, anyways). I've abandoned that game, SL, now years ago and got addiction level occupied by another way more stupid therefore not to be named game, because it was / is brain numbing, in a peaceful way. Then a few weeks later I picked up another video game my BFF asked me to check out, Minecraft.

BFF's orders: "Make an account in Minecraft. Check out the limitations of very simple graphics. Report back."

Me: "Hmm..okay?"

Confession, I made an account and let it sit there un-used for a few months until I discovered some children of another computer programer were playing the game on a LAN, and asked if I could log-in to their shared server and join them. They helped me to learn how to play, showing me all the "wonderful" stuff they were doing with their virtual blocks, strange cube animals, plants, dirt, tools, etc... So, first I'd like to thank these minors, ( age 9 and 11) for showing me how to craft a pickaxe so I could mine cube stuff. And for informing me that certain "mobs" were bad guys, er.. why I was dying all the time. And for helping me to survive so I could have fun. Turns out I'm a peaceful mode type of player. No surprise there really. In grown up life we all deal with more than enough zombies and stuff that blows up metaphorically, IMO why struggle in our virtual lives unless it's cathartic for some reason.

Here is house #1, before I lost it and ended up building 4 or 5 more houses.

Here's a bridge I built :) check out my shirt sleeves, ha ha.

Here's SneebOxide at X, Y, Z ( 0 , sea level, 0 ).
Soo..? Now what?
I mean I explored, made it to X, Y, Z ( 0, sea level, 0 ), found 4 out of 5 of my houses. Do I turn on the Zombies and other monsters now? I'm sort of 'impressed' in a let's play legos sort of way. But? I guess I really want to spend my "spare" time building my own real art or writing fiction, so unless destress puttering counts, this may be the limit and thankfully the level of my addition to Minecraft as of Jan. 14th, 2015.

End of report. 

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