Saturday, September 4, 2010

old 2007 vid of tree with sandy face

This was filmed at Prose & Poetry on the rocks! May, 2007. The original build had what my friends referred to as the dragons nest, with only a handful of poetry "eggs".
Later it had over 50 poems at the base of my beanstalk. Then I tore down my beanstalk and moved a couple times.

Ah! such is "life" in Second Life. Oslar 239 10 87

Now, I'm thinking about quitting the game, because I rarely log-in, and I find this old vid again, and I think it somehow sums up how I feel about most of the time spent in there. Note: I'm alone and I think it's funny to fall and fly around as a tree. I did have a few friends, I think I still do, but just like in RL I just don't seem to connect with people, I mean I do sometimes, but then just wander off, not that isn't what we all do by default, maybe I don't know what I mean. hm.. anyways.

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