Friday, May 7, 2010

The new browser ? does anybody like it ?

I should have taken photos of the first time I tried to log in with the new Second Life Viewer 2.0.1 - I just happened to be wandering in the Chakryn Forest and as a tree it's terrible to find your body covered with barbie doll flesh - I have artist friend custom made green skin and wear a complete suit of bark — shirt, pants, underwear, gloves and socks. My skin and my bark clothing is made from my real life art prints & my face (made by Gonz Streeter ) is a Super 8mm hand colored photo of real life me layered with my art. My avatar's body shape is also as tall and lanky as is possible with the sliders. I find my branches already hit some roof tops, so tall with big hands feet nose and elf ears, seems tree like enough for me to function as an AV that likes to wander around and explore virtual art. Anyways, there I was all pink, short and "Ruth" shaped with no clothes on in the middle of the normally crowded Chakryn forest ?! So I TP-ed (tele-Ported) home to fix my body. And found that the next time I logged in I had to do it all over again. After being startled by the mutilation of my AV with the NEW SL viewer, I then took a look at my home. These gray block photos are the 3rd time I tried to log in. Yes, sometimes the old viewers loaded slowly, and sometimes they kept artifact esp. particles, I have particle pollen that I've tried to get rid of 5 or 6 times and the new view fixed that. ha ha... But, there is something to be said about artful kluges and funny zany bugs,(see funny AV error, image from SL past) and the new view, is terribly slow, and not true at all my art and textures in world. After waiting what seemed like forever for my home to load, I found that is was all glowing ? I had adjusted it all to a medium bright, that I felt fit in with the weather, not full bright. Ugh. I just didn't have the time to fix every single prim in my entire art tower. So I removed the new viewer from my doc and the next time I logged in I logged in with the old viewer and listened to chat about how much other people hated the new viewer and how they were going to go find an open source option .. and I thought, yikes, I don't like to complain, I'm not really angry at the Lindens, I think the 3D world is still an interesting game and space to visit. But, I am posting this.

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