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thank you it was fun :) goodbye Prose & Poetry on the Rocks !

poets & friends - this post got a little long winded,

As I deleted the poems to sell my land I read them again, some I've posted here. I don't think I truly understand what is the best prose or poetry, I seem to like short, and funny, and morbid and sometimes sentimental writings. Who knows what makes opinion what it is.

Below are some bits of writing I enjoyed, I'm posting them here in case you might enjoy them too. Also if you want to read any of the poems listed by title but not posted on this blog, If you find me in world, I'll dig up the rock for you.

Best writing and art to you- Uva Oxide

P.s. I also posted a script for making your own floating text prims at end of this page.

- - -

Gonz Streeter (Aka Spectralface)
Drunk in time - Excerpt

Am I real and am I really me,
what can I see?
The scene keeps reeling, I can't help
feeling like I'm falling freely,
in and out of context and consciousness.

I am aware of the world outside of me,
my vision is fixing to see another side of me.
I cant lie to me,
but I try to be,
maintaining basic motor skills.
Conversation's such a thrill,
unil my head gets, disconnected,
who's directing? - no memory for me...
If I'm not there how can I be?

2007-08-22 02:41:00

- - -

Glorfindel's Breakfast Blues , Haiku

"No Pancakes today!
or syrup for the bacon;
Oatmeal mush again!"

- - -

Ode to Newbie by Patric Styrian

Newbie as 'Toddler'
Eager for friendship, they offer 'friendship cards' in all directions.
I get one every time I'm near a Newbie.
They change clothes in public, with no 'shame' about nakedness.
As the toddler looks around in amazement, and takes baby steps, so does the Newbie.
The world is a Mystery and a Delight to the toddler-Newbie.
Communication is very basic for the Newbie. Typing and texting evolve rapidly, however.
Inventory items (such as boxes) are frequently discarded by the exploring Newbie.
Finally, the Newbie gains enough skills to pass the mysterious barrier where he/she is no longer a "Newbie."
A resident "kid" now. With all the social games that go with it.
Second Life is like the "New Childhood."
A magical thing to go through.

- - -

"extremely brief poetry by Crap Mariner"

"Will become what with my data?
Ask the reset from my password.
Open preview ticket. The putty is bugged.."

- - -

A peace by Maureen Aeon

Loves dagger is emotions rainbow
Invading and changing course

A labyrinth for the lost
Seeming reality for shattered hope

Or hidden warmth beneath angered waves

Our twisting souls

Blooming life
Taken from two
One stumbles without hand
Or surfaced thought

Two meant fall
From busy lives and afterthought

2008-05-02 11:39:01
- - -
Haiku by Ada Radius

Lady Lovelace's love
For indifference Engines
Pretty escort girl

- - -


got a dead doG froze
on a link chain
in the back yard

had an ice storm
last night & it glazed
him like aspic

tried to move him
but he’s stuck i didn’t
want to use an ice pick

but he’s pretty
kinda holy like
he’s sleeping in a freezer

sun dripped halos
hover round him
& i’m building him an altar

ever present
never changing
representing safe asylum

- - -

Healing Spell by Rose Mackie

Wrap thee in cotton.
Bind thee with love.
Protection from pain,
Be around thee.

Brightest of blessings
Healing and peace
This day may Joy
Be around thee.

So Mote It Be.

- - -

poem by Stellair Miles

"There are things I said
and things I didn't.
Things I shoud have said
and things I shouldn't
The problem is the lack of correspondence."

- - -

My Laughter by A2nd Planer

Laughter as a form of transcendence
Elevating the soul
Releasing its weight.
Laughter as a form of relaxation
Even for an instant
Just to let out some air.
Laughter as a channel to freedom
When truly laughing I lose my breath
Only to be able to breathe.

- - -


Fresh dew still dampens the new leaves and blooms,
the glistening hills ornamented. Soon
the dew will rise, with scents the wind tinting,
intoxicating, and not relenting
until my soul wakes.

I do not want this breaking forth of life.
Give me instead the still of deepest night,
the breezeless silence soft, beckoning sleep.
The silken moonlight on rooftops and leaves
quiets my heartaches.

--Persephone Lednev

2007-08-28 11:07:35 note card
- - -

The Gardener by Jamys Vuckovic

She rules from her knees;
noble brow ballcap-crowned,
Sturdy denim her royal garb,
wielding her trowel-scepter.
She is goddess here;
Benevolent Mistress
over all that lives within this soil,
holding Gaia, compliant, on a leash.
She bathes in sunshine.
Perfumed by fresh-turned earth,
bedecked in pearls of honest sweat,
Smudges of dirt, appropriate rouge.
She is at home here,
entwined with nature,
connected to the leaves and vines,
rooted sure as the oak standing watch nearby.

2008-01-06 18:48:51 note card

- - -

Gene by Dingle Dinkin

brother, we're not coming out of this alive
I've seen what it has done, this poison in your blood
you're a shadow without any drive
is the second hand ticking to slow for you to see?
don't ever think the crosshairs of time aren't watching
you had a chance but you now have the future you've made

time isn't friendly get it out of your head

2007-06-14 01:38:22 note card

- - -

Six Good Qualities By
eman Avedon







- - -

Nothing There by Ismene Calcutt

There's a place,
In my mind, behind my mind,
encompassed in it.
I sit in the corner and
Thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears,
all fighting for my attention.
Can't keep anything straight it all runs
Friends, I see them, reaching out to me.
Trying to pull me out, but its too
I am gone,
lost in the recesses of my own self,
help didn't come soon enough,
strong enough,
too little too late.
I sink further down,
fall, tumble, plunge, float, it changes
receding into the unknown,
less explored area.
untamed thoughts, feelings, things I never knew.
I see, hear them, coaxing me out,
Reaching in and pulling, pulling me away.
I feel the tugging at my heart, head, mind,
but they can't pull me out.
I sit, unmoved, and there I will stay,
until I find someone
worth coming out for.

2009-06-12 22:11:48 note card

- - -

REAL by Daeudi Enoch ( prose in green text "click" image to read )

Dragon Spawn, by Ada Radius

Happy Yesterday? by A2nd Planer
Happy Yesterday? by A.blogget

It Leads to Happiness by Ismene Calcutt

do not go steping in others people heads by Alejander capalini

True Confessions, SL style by Patric Styian

Broken Dreams... by Gonz Streeter

Two Loves by Dara Karmin

To an earnest poet by Dray Brocco
Saint Poetry by Dray Brocco

The Heart of a Poet by Stepan Martinek

'distant shores' --Prose Capalini

Cold Winds By: MoodyBlues Mougin

Sunset By Star Lake by Meroveus Merlin

Praise be - by Calder Drechsler
The Eternal Winter - by Calder Drechsler
To A.C. - by Calder Drechsler

Their Dance by Jojogirl Bailey
The Surface by Jojogirl Bailey

Then You Came - by Mykyl Nordwind

Calypso soaring by Joffa Geoffrioion

Space by Kiana Writer
Pond by Kiana Writer
Dragonfly kisses by Kiana Writer
Catcher of Lucid Dreams by Kiana Writer
Four Wings by Kiana Writer

There is a man ... by Zeratul Lisle

Carnal Night by Mariner Trilling

A sudden light by Verian Felwitch

One is Fine, Two Divine by Secundo Dharma
July 24, 2007 (ViIllanelle)

Limber by Persephone Phoenix

"Lethe" by Persephone Lednev
"Romeo Hesitates" by Persephone Lednev
Deathwish - Persephone Lednev (poem posted above)
EROS by Persephone Lednev

Love came to Dante carrying Beatrice
and weeping, weeping because
who in their right mind
really expects love and joy?

The goddess Night bore from her dark womb
Strife and Vengeance and monstrous harpies
that snatch away children in life's first bloom,

and Love,
she also bore Love.

- - -

Wide striaght and obvious by Flux Fairey

The neverending , fairy tale by Bonach Ireton

orgasm of love BY Pussywillow Woodget

One More Go Round by Juilia Sutter

Affection Keeps "John Sly"


(for now - prose & poetry is eternal
anyone is welcome to pick up where I left off)

first for last 1 poet rock was
why did I came here by FlowX Canning

2007-05-29 14:28:46
- - - - - -
- copy text below the dashes and paste in a script in SL -
//script - notes are written behind these // slash marks
// how to make your own floating text poetry or short story "prim".


//write poem or text in the Set text (".." the numbers in this case
//BLACK <0,0,0> is the color.
//GREEN is <0,3,0>
//TEAL is <0,9,9>
//YELLOW is <1,4,0>
//RED is <1,0,0>

llSetText("propel propel your vessel,
placidly down the solution,
ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic,
existence is but an illusion.",<0,3,0>,1.0);


//(sung to the tune of row, row your boat)
// lyrx adaption by Loni Miller RL*LC OR 1987

From goodbye Prose & Poetry rocks

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